A comparison of TPU coated webbing and PVC coated webbing

1, TUP coated webbing is the thermal plastic polyurethane rubber webbing, this material can be to soften under a certain temperature, and at room temperature can remain the same.

2, PVC coated webbing is the essence of a vacuum suction plastic membrane ribbon, used in all kinds of panel surface layer of packaging, so also known as decorative film, with film.

3, TUP is rubber, PVC is plastic.

TPU is a kind of very excellent elastomer material in performance, PVC material relatively, look from the appearance of basically has the following difference:

1, Transparent TPU coated webbing in the long run will become yellow, PVC ribbon generally has two kinds of blue and yellow bottom.

2, TPU coated webbing with wider range of hardness, from the shore A 60 to 85 shore D; PVC coated webbing generally from the shore A hardness 30 to120;

3, The wear resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, resilience of TPU coated webbing were all better than PVC coated webbing;

4, TPU coated webbing environmental safety performance is very good, does not contain plasticizers and phthalates and other prohibited materials, PVC coated webbing has the environmental protection issues;

5, TPU coated webbing products smell no odor and PVC coated webbing products has a strong pungent smell.

A comparison of TPU coated webbing and PVC coated webbing 1

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