Tubular webbing comes in Nylon and polyester.  Our Tubular nylon webbing has a nice smooth feel, so using it to cover tubing, metal hardware, plastic hardware, rope or elastic can help keep your hands from aching, cramping, or getting raw. Some people use it in place of rope, because tubular nylon webbing does not fray like rope or polypropylene webbing. Tubular nylon webbing is sometimes used in rock climbing and mountaineering because it is very strong, abrasion resistant, and takes a knot without pinching. 

Like our flat polyester webbing, our tubular polyester webbing can be sublimated, that is, imprinted with custom colors, patterns, or logos.  It is not as soft as our tubular nylon webbing.  Tubular Polyester webbing also lays flat, and is not as thick as our tubular nylon webbing.

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