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A comparison of TPU coated webbing and PVC coated webbing
1, TUP coated webbing is the thermal plastic polyurethane rubber webbing, this material can be to soften under a certain temperature, and at room temperature can remain the same. 2, PVC coated webbing is the essence of a vacuum suction plastic membrane r
The difference between bleached nylon webbing and raw white nylon webbing
Raw white nylon webbing is directly made from raw white nylon yarn; Bleached nylon webbing first make out from raw white nylon yarn, then bleached by chemical reagents.
nylon webbing is one of the top grade webbing in all materials of webbing. As people pay more and more attention to the quality of product, so now there is more and more demands for nylon webbing. Many of the products that use the PP webbing and polyester
How to distinguish the material of webbing
Split out some of the warp yarns and weft yarns from two kinds of webbing which you don't know the material; respectively, burned with a lighter, observation of physical phenomena in the combustion process to determine raw material for weft yarn. Ovserve
After several months of auditing, Dongguan Shan Li Weaving Co., Ltd, successfully passed the quality management system of Beijing Daluhangxing quality certification center certification audit of the expert group, the Group of experts agreed that the Shanl
History Of ShanLi
Dongguan Shanli weaving co., LTD was established in 2006, the second factoy was founded the middle of 2013.In 18 may, the day is the eighth anniversary of Shanli, all company had...
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