Elastic webbing is commonly used as a replacement in a lot of different products. Some examples are the following; suspenders, underwear, bathing suits, hair scrunchies, and bras. People also use elastic for watch bands. 73% Polyester, 27% Rubber, Latex Based Products.

There are several considerations when choosing a flat elastic. Braided elastic is often the choice when better quality and narrow widths are needed. The composition of our braided elastic is latex rubber with a fiber covering making either cotton elastic, polyester elastic or nylon elastic. In any combination, braided elastic will get narrow when it is stretched but keeps it memory or stretch retention. The life expectancy of braided elastic is longer than knitted elastic because of its industrial strength and durability. Durability of braided elastic comes from its production on braiders which “braid” the rubber and fiber material so closely that the elastic still appears opaque even when stretched. When material is going to be exposed to extremely cold temperatures, our braided elastic can be constructed with a more expensive “cold weather rubber” that has met government testing to 40 degrees below zero and lasts 6 times longer than standard latex rubber.

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