History Of ShanLi

Dongguan Shanli weaving co., LTD was established in 2006, the second factoy was founded the middle of 2013.In 18 may, the day is the eighth anniversary of Shanli, all company had celebrated.

In 2006, three of the friends gathered together to think how to be a boss themselves. So they went to a restaurant, and drank some wine. Suddenly, one of them stood up, and said: "Yes, I will be a boss! Tomorrow!" The next day, they quit the job together, and started their entrepreneurial career. At that time, they have only 5 webbing looms, and 3 workers.And they only made PP webbing as they hadn't more money for the dyeing machine.(You know, the nylon webbing and polyester webbing need to dyeing after the weaving finished.)

In 2008, they had earn some money. So they decided to enlarge the company. And they want to make the best webbing in the world, if so, they must produce the nylon webbing and control the dyeing themsevles. So the bought the dyeing equipments. At that time, shanli have already have 50 webbing loom,3 dyeing machine and many rope equipments.

In 2013, the second factory of shanli was founded in Huizhou city. The second factory in Huizhou are specialized in nylon webbing and polyester webbing, and the dyeing equipments increased to 6. The webbing looms increased to more than 100.

Today, shanli has become one of the largest and most professional webbing manufacturer in China. Shanli welcome all friends to visit our company, you can know the product informations by eamil or phone or fax or contact us on line, sincerely look farward to your support and coopertion!

Shanli webbing passed the ISO9001 Certification
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