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Yoga straps

Our yoga straps are mostly made from 100% cotton or 100% nylon; can be a few feet long or several feet long; and can have various types of cinches, such as plastic or metal D-rings.
Yoga Straps is actually for Yogic purposes. If you have trouble holding a yoga pose or have trouble "connecting" the appropriate limbs, our Yoga Strap will aid you greatly. Perfect for your Yoga Starter Sets. The yoga strap can also be used to increase your flexibility. For example, if you currently can't touch your finger to your toes, use our Yoga Strap to bridge the gap. Then over time, you can "walk" your hands closer to your feet until the point you can touch them completely without even using the strap. The most important use of yoga straps is for This is why you're seeing yoga straps more and more in Physical Therapy settings.
Yoga straps are a fabulous way to increase your level of flexibility and enhance your range of motion in your Yoga routine. Straps are a great tool for pre-Yoga stretching or aiding yourself during particular Yoga poses that require intense flexibility. By placing your yoga strap under your hips, buttocks, or knees and pulling on the ends of the strap you can create resistance which will allow you to achieve greater flexibility. Our straps  can be used in sitting and upright positions, so no matter the difficulty of the pose you can improve your balance and muscle firmness, along with your flexibility.
If you want to custom the yoga straps with different sizes, colors, materials and buckles, please contact us throught this email: sales1@shanliwebbing.com
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