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We have two factories, one factory specialize in Nylon webbing and high strength Polyester webbing.  Our webbing straps are fashionable, good quality, smooth texture and no deformation, nice colour and lustre, is one of the most upscale and durable webbing in this field, is widely used  in bags and luggages, belts, car seat belts, safety isolation barriers, mountain climbing sports, pet traction belt, binding, hollow belt, patched, electronic jacquard, handle, helmet, anti-UV beach chair etc. . All productions can pass Heavy metals, Rohs, REACH, UV resistance, anti-aging and UV-ray tests and so on. Another factory specialized in producing all kinds of PP webbing, binding, cotton tape, polyester webbing, elastic rope, elastic jacquard rope, twisted rope, solid rope, stretch elastic rope etc., are widely used in the field of handbag and luggage, clothing, sports equipment, shoes, gifts, toys, electronics, medical equipment, baby stroller, outdoor supplies and military industry etc., provide the webbing as the accessories for domestic and foreign famous brands.

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